Christmas dinner with a group inUtrecht

Christmas dinner with a group inUtrecht

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At Gys Utrecht, we understand that finding the perfect location for a group' Christmas dinner, with something for everyone to enjoy, can be a challenge. But don't worry! At Gys, you can not only have a cozy dinner in a small setting but also accommodate large groups!

Cozy atmosphere for groups of 8 to 70 people

The holiday season is a time to spend with important people, whether they are family, friends, colleagues or business partners. At Gys Utrecht, we are ready to host large groups for a cozy gathering. Whether you have a small group of 8 people or a larger group of up to 70 people, we have enough capacity to meet all your needs.

Special dietary requirements and allergies

At Gys Utrecht, we understand the importance of considering special dietary requirements and allergies within groups. Gluten-free, vegan, lactose intolerant, soy allergy, garlic and onion-free - these are just a few of the dietary requirements and allergies we deal with daily. Our chefs are specialized in finding the perfect solution for everyone. We know that these small details can make a difference.

Unique organic dishes and drinks

At Gys, we have been serving 100% organic comfort food and drinks with a modern twist for almost ten years. Our chefs are passionate about preparing unique and delicious dishes that are also sustainable. We use only sustainable organic, and locally sourced ingredients in our dishes and drinks, ensuring everyone can enjoy our menu.

Sufficient space for groups

You will find Gys in two locations in Utrecht. Our first location, opened in 2014, is at the Voorstraat. This is a smaller, cozier location in the heart of the city. Our other location at the Amsterdamsestraatweg is more spacious and provides ample space for groups. The long tables inside are ideal for cozy dinners and create a warm and intimate atmosphere during the Christmas season. We highly recommend this location for organizing a Christmas dinner. If you prefer to dine on Voorstraat with your group, we can always see if this is possible!

Easy accessibility and ample parking options

We also understand the importance of accessibility when organizing a Christmas dinner. Both of our Gys locations are easily accessible by bus, bike, or walking from the Utrecht train station (just ten minutes away). Moreover, there is plenty of (free) parking available near our location. If you want to secure a spot, the Hoog Catharijne parking garage is only a short walk away.

Possibility of exclusive rental

If you have a large group, we are happy to provide you with more information about the possibility of exclusive rental of our restaurant on Amsterdamsestraatweg. Let us know what you have in mind, and we would love to think along!

Special Christmas packages

Especially for the holiday season, we have put together various group packages. Whether you want an elaborate dinner or prefer a casual Christmas celebration with colleagues, everything is possible with us. Our Christmas packages are always 100% organic and can be served gluten-free and vegan. Curious? Take a look at our menu!

Make your corporate Christmas dinner an unforgettable experience

At Gys Utrecht, we believe that a corporate Christmas dinner is more than just food and drinks. It's about creating beautiful memories and experiences that will last. Our team takes pride in creating a cozy atmosphere for your group. We are ready to ensure that your Christmas dinner is a delightful experience.

Contact us via email (, and we would be happy to help you create a beautiful Christmas dinner! We look forward to welcoming you!