Vegan History: The Kapsalon

Vegan History: The Kapsalon

A colourful plate of food; the GYS kapsalon

The much loved Kapsalon has become such a vegan classic it’s hard to imagine that we gave birth to the very first vegan Kapsalon just 6 years ago. Our baby grew up fast.

The vegan Kapsalon has spent her short life capturing hearts, warming bellies and making her way onto vegan menu’s throughout the Netherlands: We couldn’t be more proud. Seeing as we all love the vegan Kapsalon so much, here is a little bit of vegan history.

1. The Beginning

The first vegan Kapsalon was created in Rotterdam in 2016 after our chef & the owner of Gys became inspired by the Rotterdam “hangover” classic, the Kapsalon. He decided to create an organic & vegan version that gave just as much comfort & satisfaction but without the cruelty (to your own system too). The vegan Kapsalon was born.

2. How it captured our hearts

The vegan Kapsalon was first served at Gys Rotterdam and then made its way to Gys Utrecht. People loved it so much that the Kapsalon started popping up on vegan menus all over the country. It spread across Utrecht and Amsterdam even finding its way to the outposts of the Netherlands.  It was clear. No one could get enough of our baby.

3. What makes it special

Is it the Gys garlic & harissa mayo or the home-made vegan feta? Our pickles or perhaps our secret shoarma marinade? It’s truly hard to say. All we do know is that when we put everything together something pretty special happens.

The Gys Kapsalon has grown up to become the queen of all comfort food. A healthy and fulfilling vegan classic that will be here to make us happy for years to come. Want to taste the original vegan Kapsalon for yourself? Book a table right here:

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