The sweetest vegan gift

The sweetest vegan gift

A hand holds a three tier high tea tray filled with vegan cakes, sandwiches and treats, accompanied by a series of drinks and a pot of tea

Ever wondered what to give as a gift? We have the answer a Vegan High Tea. Our Vegan High Tea is a lovely way to celebrate great news, life’s little successes or simply show you care. And of course, it’s vegan (always) and gluten-free (optional).

Our Vegan High Tea is not only vegan (always) and gluten-free (optional) but also 100% organic and homemade using all our own tried and true recipes. This means you get all the joy and sweetness without any guilt. It’s a High Tea experience that is guaranteed to make you and your loved ones very happy. Gift your loved ones what they truly want: a memorable food experience with you. You can easily book the high tea on one of the Gys' locations via the links below.

Book - Voorstraat

Book - A'damsestraatweg