From Gys 1.0 to Gys 2.0

From Gys 1.0 to Gys 2.0

You see a flat lay of a restaurant

We are starting the year well at Gys, because we are going to renovate 🙌!

Start: January 30 at the Voorstraat

On January 30, the location on the Voorstraat will close for a couple of weeks. We will then start clearing out Gys before we can get start with the real work. Once everything we don't want to see back in the new Gys is gone, we'll get to work building Gys 2.0!

There will be a new bar, the kitchen will get more walls on the voorstraat , the ceiling will be treated with a special material, a new floor will be laid, we will get different lights and lamps in the restaurant and of course everything will get a fresh lick of paint 👩🏻‍🎨! As you are used to from Gys, we try to do this as sustainably as possible. Everything we can reuse, we reuse. In addition, we have chosen sustainable materials for our bar and furniture! In the image you get already a little sneak peek of Gys 2.0.

Start Amsterdamsestraatweg: February 20

When Gys at the voorstraat is closed, everyone is welcome at Gys on the Amsterdamsestraatweg. It is expected that the renovation will take a couple of weeks at both locations. When Gys on the voorstraat is completely ready, pretty and finished, we proceed with Gys on the Amsterdamsestraatweg! We estimate that the renovation at Amsterdamsestraatweg will start on February 20. At that time, everyone can already enjoy the new Gys 2.0 on the voorstraat 😎!

Follow us renovate!

Because we find it difficult to know the exact time and dates of the renovation, we will continue to share this on Google, our website and social media during the renovation. Be sure to follow us on instagram and/or tiktok where we like to keep you informed of the renovation! And if there is anything you would love to see back in Gys 2.0, do not hesitate to let us know!

Are you a big fan of Gys 1.0 😄? Please don't forget to come by and say your goodbyes!

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