The Hungry Vegan Favourite

The Hungry Vegan Favourite

A big colourful bowl of loaded hummus

All the vegan protein replacements on the planet still can’t beat our collective vegan favourite: Hummus. It's the gift that keeps on giving. And, after years of loyal service and saving vegans from hunger and desperation time and time again, we still can’t get enough.
Book - Voorstraat

Book - A’damsestraatweg

That’s why we decided to sexify this much-loved classic with gorgeous oven veggies, (vegan) feta, fresh herbs and freshly baked organic bread. And don't worry, we always serve more than enough hummus for the dipping. Come taste yours next time you're getting a little hangry. Loaded Hummus is always a great idea.

Hummus, yay but not today? Here are a few other of our lunch favourites:

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