Kids menu

Kids menu

Je ziet een tafel vol met allerlei gerechten voor kinderen

At Gys, we always love it when children come by! That's why kids can now also order from their own menu at our place! We believe it's important for children to eat delicious food, but we also value healthy eating. And, of course, it should be fun too! We've thought about that when creating our new kids' menu. Whether you're looking for a tasty lunch or a surprising dinner, we have something delicious on the menu for every moment of the day.

Breakfast & lunch kids menu

During lunch, for example, kids can indulge in our 'Super Pancakes,' delightfully fluffy with a topping of fresh fruit. Or how about the 'Rainbow Sandwich'? A slice of bread with vegetable spread and cheerful cherry tomatoes. And let's not forget our 'Cookie Monster's Breakfast' - a bowl filled with yogurt, strawberries, bananas, coconut, and a crispy cookie crumble.

Kids menu in the evening

When it's dinner time, it's a real celebration! Our 'Simply Delicious Meatballs' are a hit! Tasty vegetable balls with carrots, a refreshing salad, and a super tasty green sauce. And the 'Chicken Fingers with a Twist'? You really have to try them! We use oyster mushrooms, deliciously different and full of flavor, served with a fresh salad and mayo!

Of course, we've also come up with some sweet treats for the kids! Our 'Brownie from the Pastry Chef' is a really fun sweet dish. And the 'Cookie Monster's Dessert'? You'll lick your fingers clean!

We've designed our new kids' menu to be a party for everyone. We want to get kids excited about food and show them that plant-based eating can be truly delicious! So come visit Gys in Utrecht soon and explore our new menu together with the kids. We promise you, it will be a party! See you soon!

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