Our New Favourite

Our New Favourite

we see a colourful plate, with a vegan mushroom steak, bimi & carrot garnish, celeriac mash swiped acros the plate and a bright yellow saffron sauce. As a girl prepares to cut into the steak

We love a challenge, and our kitchen crew is always up for getting creative. After years of creating and recreating fabulous vegan dishes, there were few food experiences left missing on our plant-based menu. Our vegan menu is full of vibrant flavours and vegan comfort food that far surpasses trying to replicate an old-fashioned diet. But one request still remained:

Can you create juicy a vegan steak?

As believers in healthy unprocessed plant-based food. All of our dishes are created in our own kitchen from scratch using 100% organic raw ingredients. That meant not only creating a plant-based steak but also creating a new recipe that did not involve chemical processing, additives or 'fake meat'. A challenge indeed.

Now, we are proud to introduce you to our new vegan favourite, the Shroom Steak. A juicy, tasty, and vibrant plant-based steak.

Wanna taste? Book your table now and join us for a vegan steak dinner:

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