DIY Kitchen Tip

DIY Kitchen Tip

we see a plate full of colourful vegan food ready to eat

Everyone can grow their own veggies! You don't have to be a permaculture expert, garden owner, or even have green fingers to enjoy growing your own veggies at home with ease.

All you need is some soil, some seeds, and a bit of water, and your veggies will start popping out of the ground in a few days. It really is magic. Yes, this option is also open to all windowsill gardeners and balcony lovers too!

That being said, not all veggies like the same things and some can be a little bit moody. So we decided to put together a list of the easiest and best veggies to grow yourself, with minimal effort and maybe even minimal light.

Here's a list of our fav veggies to grow at home:

• Spinach
• Radishes
• Chard
• Rocket
• Oak leaf lettuce (for those who want a little more challenge)

These crops are tasty, easy, hearty, and will grow multiple times throughout spring, summer, and perhaps even a bit of autumn.
Just grab some organic soil and seeds down at the Ekoplaza or your favourite market & grow your own.

More in the mood to join us for dinner? No worries:

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