Eating glutenfree at Gys

Eating glutenfree at Gys

We see a table full of gluten-free snacks and drinks

Do you want to eat gluten-free and have a good time in a restaurant that specializes in this? With Gys you can eat plant-based, 100% organic and also gluten-free! Are you gluten intolerant, do you have a gluten allergy or celiac disease? Then read on!

Gluten-free food at Gys

In essence, all dishes on the menu of Gys are gluten-free. The only dishes that are not gluten-free in principle, are those dishes that are served with bread. This is because our bread dishes are by default served with sourdough (non-gluten-free) bread. However, the toppings of our bread dishes are gluten-free. As we also have gluten-free bread in-house as an alternative, we can prepare these bread dishes gluten-free for people who can tolerate any traces of gluten.

So what distinguishes a gluten-free from a non-gluten-free dish is the bread. Since we also process non-gluten-free bread in our Gys kitchen, we cannot claim that we have an allergen-free kitchen. Because our non-gluten-free bread is baked in the same convection oven in which other ingredients for our dishes are prepared in, our food may contain traces of gluten. For people who have a gluten intolerance or allergy, this may be less of a problem, for people with celiac disease this can be a big challenge.

Every person knows his or her allergy or illness best, and is aware of what is or is not possible within this. At Gys we find it very important that our guests eat safely in our restaurant, therefore we want to be open and transparent about the preparation of our dishes. This allows our guests with a gluten intolerance, allergy or celiac disease to decide for themselves what can or cannot be eaten.

Gluten-free food at Gys with celiac disease

There are several dishes on our menu for which the ingredients are not prepared in the oven. These are the safer choices for people with celiac disease or those who cannot consume products from a convection oven in which non-gluten-free bread is also prepared. These are a number of snacks (we don't fry anything that is not gluten-free), cold dishes, soup or a main course such as the Mexican Magic .

At Gys we take every allergy or illness very seriously and will always do our utmost best to prepare dishes safely for our guests (washing hands, using clean cooking utensils, wiping off the countertop etcetera). Unfortunately, it is not possible, even though we would like to, to guarantee 100% that our dishes contain no traces of gluten.

We hope this post has informed you about eating gluten-free at Gys. Would you like to know more about this or do you have specific questions regarding an intolerance, allergy or illness? Please send an email to

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Did you know we also offer a gluten-free high tea?