Having dinner with a group in Utrecht

Having dinner with a group in Utrecht

Je ziet een groot gezelschap vrolijk met elkaar proosten op het terras bij Gys.

An occasion to celebrate? Is there a family reunion that needs to be organised? Are you responsible for choosing a restaurant for the companu dinner? Or do you just want to eat out with a larger group for no reason? You are welcome at Gys in Utrecht! For many years now, Gys has been one of the favourite places for larger groups to come and have lunch, dinner or just a casual drink.

Are you going out to dinner with a group of guests with dietary requirements and/or (gluten) allergies? Are you looking for a restaurant that is quite familiar with dietary requirements and (gluten) allergies? Then you can definitely go to Gys.

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All the dishes on our menu can be ordered gluten-free. And are there any guests in your party who follow a vegetarian and/or vegan diet? They will be thrilled to see that they can order all dishes from the menu!

Gys at the Amsterdamsestraatweg

You can visit us for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. Gys can be found at two locations, of which our location at the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht is ideal for groups. This location is within walking distance from Utrecht Central Station (ten minutes). For guests who do not come by public transport, there is always plenty of parking available on the Amsterdamsestraatweg and the side streets of the restaurant (free on Sundays, for a small fee the rest of the week). This Gys location is spacious with space inside for long tables where everyone can chat with each other as much as possible. But this restaurant is also nice to visit when the weather is good! This Gys has a green spacious terrace where you can enjoy the sun with a large group!

A variety of possibilities for groups

At Gys we do not have separate small-group menus with only a few things to choose from. If you come to dinner with a group, you can choose the same dishes as when you visit us as a couple. We love giving our guests the choice to order everything from the menu because by doing this, there is always something for everyone to like! We do offer special group arrangements to choose from.

Enjoying a high tea to celebrate a special occasion

Besides that you can come to us for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, it is also possible to enjoy a high tea with a group. Catching up with a group of friends, is someone getting married or is someone expecting a baby and is there a baby shower to be organised? A high tea is always fun! With our high tea, you can enjoy unlimited tea, a glass of juice of your choice (optional: a glass of cava), savoury snacks and a selection of patisserie. Our high tea is completely vegan and can of course also be prepared completely gluten-free.

celebrating with a high tea.

So are you looking for a restaurant at a central location in Utrecht where you can go with a group and are you curious to know what we can do for you and your group? Please send us an email at info@gysutrecht.nl. Let us know in this email what date and time you are thinking of and how many people you want to come by. Then we will answer as soon as possible and see what is possible!

A unique activity for groups

And do you really want to organize something unique with which everyone learns more about vegan food and a sustainable lifestyle? Then take a look at the website of our friends Patrick & Daisy! This lovely couple organizes a sustainable, educational and above all tasteful activity: the vegan food tour! And we can already give you one hint about the tour: you will also visit Gys!