Start Your Workday Well

Start Your Workday Well

A view of sunny Gys interior drenched in light as a man behind a laptop is served his first coffee of the day

Just about everything has changed about the way we work these days, and at Gys we are absolutely here for it. One of the changes we love the most is coworking, working remotely, or working from home. This means there is no end to all the gorgeous places, food and faces you can enjoy while getting in those hours; like coworking at Gys.

Book - Voorstraat

Book - A’damsestraatweg

At Gys you are always welcome to come work for a few hours or even a whole day. Just think of it as working from home with better coffee, gorgeous comfort food, and those easy coffee shop vibes.

At Gys you can always count on having a strong internet connection and power outlets close. We even put in extra power outlets under our garden parasols at the Amsterdamsestraatweg, so you can spend your spring and summer working outdoors on our terrace garden, without blinding your screen in the sun. Lunch mocktails anyone? 

Would you like to join us for some coffee shop coworking? You are absolutely welcome to pop by anytime. You can also book a table wherever and whenever you like. But if you would like to know for sure that your favourite spot will be free all day, you can reserve your spot at Gys and enjoy special coworking offers by booking through Wise the coworking app.

Not sure which location suits you the most? Just click on Gys locations and see which Gys suits you best.