Coffee: the new dating

Coffee: the new dating

A girl looks at her date with loving eyes while holding a cup of tea

Gone are the days of stressful and stuffy first dates over an awkward five-course dinner. These days it’s all about casual coffee dates. And we all know why. It's a great way to meet your date for the first time with no stress and at ease. It’s also a great way to show a little bit more about yourself: the types of places you like to go to, how you drink your coffee (very important) and your idea’s about food. It's also a great way to find out how they treat the wait staff (swipe left if they are unkind!).

Book - Voorstraat

Book - A’damsestraatweg

The best part of a good coffee date is comfort. If you and your date are not on the same level, you can always just exit smoothly after one coffee. But what if the date goes really really well? We got you. The thing that makes GYS a great date location is that we are open all day. That means that coffee can easily turn into vegan snacks, cocktails and dinner if you guys hit it off. No awkward location changes needed. Here are some of our tips and date ideas:

1. Start with coffee

Start casual and easy, maybe with a coffee in the late afternoon. Pick a cute corner and let us do the rest. GYS has a pretty casual ambience so you are sure to feel at ease, and your date will too.

Vegan GYS Coffee

2. Share some snacks & cocktails

So, this date is going really well. Turns out your date is hotter than you thought they’d be in looks and conversation. There is ease and laughter, but as the coffee slowly disappears maybe it’s time to move it to our garden terrace. There you can share some vegan finger food and perhaps a cocktail (or mocktail) or two with the sun on your face.

Cocktails on our garden terrace

3. Spontaneous Dinner

The drinks are flowing and so is the conversation. No one has any intention of leaving any time soon. One of you suggests dinner as plates of gorgeous food are being served around you. Just like that, you find yourself on a spontaneous dinner date with your cute first date: the night is young.

Vegan Dinner Dates