9 tips on activities to undertake during December and Christmas in Utrecht

9 tips on activities to undertake during December and Christmas in Utrecht

We see two people enjoying a hot beverage whilst dressed up warm for cold days.

Perhaps the most pleasant, but also often the busiest period of the year, December! At Gys we are all big fans of Christmas; the atmosphere, the fun and especially the delicious food and drinks. As soon as Sinterklaas returns to Spain, the Christmas lights will be conjured up again and our restaurants will be made completely cozy for Christmas! Also outside Gys, all our colleagues like to enjoy the December days. As you are used to from Gys, in a sustainable way! This is why we have asked our colleagues to share their most enjoyable sustainable Christmas and December 2022 tips in Utrecht with you! A nice list of nine tips has been created that we absolutely don't want to withhold from you!

So scroll on for nine tips for an extra cosy, warm and atmospheric Christmas period in Utrecht.

1. Buy/borrow a sustainable Christmas tree

This list gives you all kinds of tips of what kind of fun activities you could undertake outside of home. But when you’re home, the Christmas atmosphere has to be there as well! The best way to do this is obviously: with a Christmas tree! Unfortunately, a Christmas tree is not always very durable when you buy it, especially the ones which are sawn off. If you have a garden, you could think about buying a Christmas tree with a root and planting it back after Christmas. Do some good research for what kind of Christmas trees this is possible, not all trees can withstand this! As an alternative, you can also buy a sustainable Christmas tree from an organisation that plants the Christmas trees back in nature after Christmas. For example, take a look at the “Duurzame kerstbomen” site or use a search engine to learn more about this. You can purchase a Christmas tree through this organisation at various places in Utrecht.

Extra nice tip from Myrthe van Gys: pick it up for an extra fun experience with a cargo bike that you can also easily rent online!

2. Skating between the trains

From December 24, 2022 to January 8, 2023, you can skate between the trains in the Railway Museum! There is a daily changing program with all kinds of activities and music for children and adults. Learn more about trains, enjoy a nice drink and go ice skating! After four in the afternoon you can even go disco skating! Check out the site of the Railway Museum for more information.

3. Make a beautiful walk through nature at Amelisweerd

Pay a visit to Amelisweerd & Rhijnauwen and enjoy the beautiful autumn/winter colors and nature! Make a stop at the Veldkeuken for a plant-based cup of hot chocolate. Please dress warmly…

4. Eat yourself (almost) nauseous of oliebollen at the oliebollen stand at Neude or Vredenburg

The oliebollen stalls at Neude and Vredenburg have the tastiest vegan oliebollen, appelbollen, perenbollen and appelbeignets in Utrecht! Get something delicious while doing Christmas shopping or take some home and enjoyment is guaranteed!

5. Go shopping for sustainable Christmas presents and decorations!

If you want to make your tree "gezellig" with decorations or if you want to buy Christmas presents for your family and friends, check out thrift stores. In Utrecht and its surrounding area you will find various thrift stores where you can buy unique gifts and beautiful Christmas decorations. For sure you will be original!

On December 17 there is a Buurtrommelmarkt in Overvecht where all kinds of stuff are sold. Visit this flea market and get your Christmas shopping sorted here!

6. Go on a mulled wine/hot chocolate tour through Utrecht

Invite your nicest friends/family, dress warmly and go for a glühwein/hot chocolate tour through Utrecht! In many places in the city, cafes and restaurants sell hot chocolate and mulled wine. Take the hot drink to go at one place and sit inside to warm up at the next café. How about enjoying a fun game to play along the way? Or be extra kind to yourself during the busy December period and treat yourself with a nice piece of cake! At Gys we recently added all new types of cakes and pastries to our menu!

Visit Gys at the voorstraat and Amsterdamsestraatweg for mulled wine and hot choco!

7. Take a Utrecht Lumen tour with a guide

During the month of December you can take a lumen tour in the center of the city. A guide takes you along artistic light stimuli in the city! Works of art, unique history of locations and buildings, you get to see it all. Learn more about subtle messages about history, the inhabitants, the function or the symbolism of a building or location! You can easily book the tours via the following link.

8. Visit one of the Christmas markets in Utrecht

In Utrecht there are several Christmas markets in December 2022 where you get into the Christmas atmosphere! Get your dose of Christmas inspiration, enjoy a nice hot drink and a festive snack! Indebuurt has put together a list of where and when you can find the Christmas markets. Click on the link to read where and when you can visit a Christmas market in Utrecht.

9. Visit the most beautiful nativity scene in the Netherlands in the Catharijneconvent museum

Last year, the museum acquired an eighteenth-century nativity scene from Naples. For months the museum has been busy restoring the nativity scene and with success! From December 18 to January 8, everyone can enter the Museum Catharijneconvent for free to admire the centuries-old nativity scene!

We hope you will enjoy a pleasant December 2022 in the most beautiful city (Utrecht of course) in the country! And, do you have THE ULTIMATE Christmas tip that is now missing from this list? Then let us know via Instagram!