So Why Exactly?

So Why Exactly?

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We have all heard people say that eating organic is really good for you. But one big question remains: Why exactly? Time to break it down and share a few of our favourite reasons to eat organic. This time focussing on personal health.

1. It’s Toxin-free

Organic foods are foods that are grown ‘clean’ and toxin-free without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, and unnatural fertilisers. The soil organic food is grown in, contains more nutrients and natural probiotics, which are then passed on to the food we eat. How our food is grown or raised can have a major impact on our mental and physical health as well as the environment. So, how exactly does what we eat affect us… read on for more.

2.  Hormone balance

Having some hormone issues? The answer could be in what you eat. Pesticides in food are known to cause hormone disruption and have been found to cause fertility- and cycle disruption too. Don’t worry, this issue is divided equally. Some of our favourite pesticides to put on food have been directly linked to diminished sperm quality and weaker male fertility. Sadly, washing your veggies doesn’t really help. Pesticides do not just lay on top of your veggies like a layer of make-up. These foods are grown in pesticide rich soil, in a pesticide rich environment. They are simply full of it. This doesn't really help your appetite does it. So what’s the good news?

Additional studies have linked eating more organic foods directly to improved fertility and hormone balance. So, if you want a see a change in that raging PMS or other hormonal issues such as fertility issues, mood balance disorders such as anxiety and depression. Start simple, and up your organic food intake slowly. Food is medicine.

3. Better health

Okay, so we kind of mentioned this part already, but hormones are not the only part of your health that is positively impacted by eating more organic foods. Eating organic lowers your urinary pesticide levels. This in turn improves fertility, hormone cycles and birth outcomes. But eating organic foods also reduces your chances of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and breast cancer. Eating organic food is also known to lower your BMI and reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Eating organic is not only good because of the absence of pesticides. Organic foods are full of antioxidants, and antioxidants are champions in promoting overall better al better health. That’s the power of clean and organic food.

4. Better taste

Okay, so organic food isn’t just great for your health, it also tastes better? That sounds a little subjective, doesn’t it? But wait. It has been tested and proven that when a plant grows organically without pesticides, its taste is enhanced as well. Studies show that higher antioxidant levels (that healthy stuff in organic foods) also affect the food's “organoleptic qualities”. Also known as the taste, aroma, and mouth sensations of the food we eat. That settles it once and for all. Organic food actually does taste better.

5. More nutrients

Yes, it’s true. If you grow veggies in nutrient-dense and healthy soil that is full of life, then your food will be nutrient-dense, tasty, healthy and full of life too. Organic foods have been tested and found to have higher levels of healthy antioxidants and probiotics and depending on the fruit or veggie, they can even have a higher nutritional value. That settles it, eating organic, when you can, really is better for your health. Who wants ‘empty’ foods full of pesticides now? Not us. That is why we have been serving 100% organic food from day one.

More info for the health nerds

Why is it important to lower our toxin intake? Well, the body is this amazing filter machine. But if you put too many toxins in it, it can get clogged. And when your body's filter gets clogged up, it becomes unable to remove toxins from your system. As a result, you get sick (cancer, autoimmune disease, fertility issues, mood disorders, the list goes on). These days there are toxins just about everywhere. This means that reducing our toxin intake is a pretty solid plan for all of us.

When we say ‘reducing our toxin intake’ are we actually talking about ‘detoxing’ with expensive juices and teas? Absolutely not. The best way to detoxify your system is not with shakes or with juices. In fact, these treatments can be quite a shock to our system. Luckily for us, our bodies are a lot smarter than we are when it comes to detoxifying. In fact, our bodies are so ingenious at cleaning and detoxing themselves, all we need to do is to reduce our toxin intake. All we need to do is step aside and let our bodies do what they do best; removing toxins and protecting us from harm.

You can start to lower your toxin intake quite simply by introducing more organic foods into your diet. Another great way is to go for organic and non-toxic cleaning and personal self-care products. You might even go pro and get yourself a nice water filter for the home, or skip those plastic water bottles altogether.

Luckily for us, when it comes to toxins, every little bit you skip, makes for a healthier body and mind. So, don't throw in the towel. Babysteps really will win this race.

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